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Plastic Molding

“Magic-Plast” LLC belongs to TOP-10 Ukrainian enterprises that produce plastic household goods. We have long-term experience in processing of such polymers as polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, ABS, polycarbonate and others. We even able to produce wares with different effects: luminescent wares, fire resistant goods, ware's color changing under temperature influence etc. Our company owns large fleet of injection molding machines. Mostly these are Dakumar (Chinese-made) machines. Our machines are able to mold wares under high-pressure and high temperatures within weight range from 0.05 grams to 3 kg.

Our production lives up with state standards TU U 22.2-33391928-001:2018 and all range of goods is compliant with current Ukrainian regulations of Health Inspection Services. Welcome to our store: you’ll always find last prices and the most current information regarding availability of goods (hourly updated).

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Industrial Equipment

“Grandiks Plast” LLC has over-decades experience in delivery of industrial equipment, accomplishing of turn-key projects, service and supporting of foreign economic activities of our clients. Our main fields of activities are delivery, warranty and post-warranty service and start-up operations of following equipment:
- processing and granulation lines (recycling of plastics)
- automatic molding machines, extrusion lines, blowmolding machines, inflating-molding machines and auxiliary equipment (production of wares from food contact plastics and from recycled plastics)
- specialized robots (production process automation)

We are official representative of global brands: DAKUMAR, SINOMOULD, GUANGMING, LESHAN, POWERJET and others

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External Equipment

Every production could be significantly simplified and efficiency-improved by using auxiliary equipment, such as: fragmentation machines for reworking of manufacturing inconsistencies and wastes of production, bunker dryers for granule's dehydration (especially during spring and autumn seasons, when air humidity is pretty high), color mixers for facilitation and quality improvement of product coloring process, customized mould racks that will improve storage space and time savings in case of changing of compression mould form.

Contact us - and we will find the best solution for your business basing on domestically-made or imported auxiliary equipment.

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Injection Moulds

For a many decade we design and produce injection moulds of different configurations and levels of complexity. You come to us only with idea - and we will provide you with finished product. Depending on received task, we will involve our own production capacities, as well as capacities of our foreign partners (partially or fully).

Also, we provide warranty and post-warranty service, operation and maintenance of our injection moulds

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Mould Racks

Many years ago, “Magic-Plast” LLC met a problem regarding storage of own-produced injection moulds: when we produced more than hundreds of it, moulds had started to take so much storage space. Ordinary rack stacks proved unequal to this task because it is too demanding to put moulds on and take off from static shelves.

As domestic market didn’t have any field-specific proposals at that moment, we decided to develop our own system of specialized rack stacks, based on foreign partners’ experience. As result, at the middle of 2020 we have over 100 accomplished contracts within the country as well as several - international contracts.

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Turn key Projects

More than decades people come to us with ideas - and they get fullscale manufacturing facility. We will help not only to select appropriate equipment but to perform start-up operation too. We will help you, for instance, to increase rate of return, to decrease costs of raw materials and to expand distribution channels.

We represent on our domestic market such global brands as:
- DAKUMAR (injection molding machines)
- SINOMOULD (production of bagging material for high-pressure injection and blow-molding)
- GUANGMING (full-cycle production of heating chambers injection molding machines, extruders and blow-molding machines)
- LESHAN (production of hydraulic, hybrid and electrical blow-extrusion machines and auxiliary machines, as well as “turn-key” production lines)
- POWERJET (electrical injection molding machines, hydraulic and electrical blow-extrusion machines)
- HWASHI (welding equipment, welding robots, metal finishing)
- GH AUTOMATION (robots for injection molding machines, IML-projects) - ZHIEN (packing equipment, turn-key projects)

Portfolio Our Services


“New technologies of Podillya” LLC, which is incorporated branch of “Magic Plast” LLC, first of all deals with implementation of high-tier technologies on the field of injection, extrusion and processing of plastics. Company’s main field of activity is development of specialized software and robot assembly performed in order to achieve partial or full automation of production processes.

We propose to our customers technical solutions based on usage of “GH AUTOMATION”-produced robots for injection molding machines. Also, we provide firmware, or our self-engineered products.

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Welcome to Magic Plast

We can do almost everything

“Magic Plast” LLC has long-term experience in plastic molding as well as one of the biggest Ukrainian fleet of injection molding machines - more that 20 machines with injection varied from 50 grams to 3 kilograms. Such capabilities allow us not only to maintain and to extend wide list of plastic household goods (kitchenware, cleaning tools and construction containers, etc), but to mold made to order products.

By using modern machinery our experienced metal finishing specialists design and produce not only injection moulds of whichever complexity level. We manufact color mixers, customized rack stacks for moulds storage and other goods as well.

Also, for a many year we stand as active participant of industrial machinery market. At the moment we are official representatives of such leading Chinese manufacturers as: Dakumar, Sinomould and other. We launch over 20 manufacturing lines and new facilities all over Ukraine every year

Services on the field of customized software development and robots assembly for automation of production processes became one more, comparatively new, field of our activities.

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Welcome to Magic Plast

Our Team

Our team contains of more than 50 high-value specialists, and each of them is unique, that is why it was pretty hard to select only
4 representatives

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CEO for Development, co-owner

Katrin Syvak


Vitaliy Paroy

manager for

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